China solar water heater collector area ranks first in the world

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I was born all homes beloved eternal sterility. Hundreds of millions of years, endless sun, shine on the earth, nourish all things, to bring light and happiness of mankind. Ever since human beings, people worship the sun never stopped, on the legend of the sun is a long history. Like Kua Fu, the sun god with laurel, sunflowers and other ancient human totem of the Chinese nation as the sun also like admiration.

Culture is the core of the sun, "selfless", that is altruistic, with their light and heat, warm people. With their own light and heat, breaking the clouds, bring light to mankind. Sun "on the 4th spirit" sunrise letter, on line there are degrees, sunshine selfless, with each passing day, the sun represents the outstanding cultural ideas.

According to statistics, 10 years into the 21st century between, China solar water heater accumulative total savings reached 112.95 million tons of standard coal, the cumulative reduction 3.6519 million tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide 1,641,600 tons, 2,823,600 tons of soot, 24246.6 tons of carbon dioxide, energy saving effect is very obvious. No wonder the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, Premier Wen Jiabao proudly announced to the world, China solar water heater collector area ranks first in the world.

Solar thermal products because of its zero consumption, zero pollution, etc., decided she is an economical, energy-efficient and safe products. Solar thermal industry for consumers on the use of solar water heaters, energy-saving and environmental protection instead of high energy water heater or gas water heater, so strictly speaking, the solar industry is actually a culture conducive to social, conducive to the country, altruism in favor of consumers "public culture."

From the industry point of view of competition law, the process of rapid development of the industry, the size of the competition will be the inevitable stage. The total cost leadership strategy demands require huge production scale to support, so that enterprises in the production capacity be expanded, with the whole country's strategic vision to layout production base, is the inevitable choice.

By producing these solar enterprise remote base layout can thoroughly found a single base design capacity are called generous in the current situation in the industry. For example, the production of mulberry and other music companies are designed for 1 million units.

Meanwhile, on the industry chain perspective, as a mature home appliance industries, industry size enterprises have been satisfied with a simple machine manufacturing, began to reach extends upstream.

In short, labor-intensive enterprises, solar water heater, a national brand means first and foremost on the advantages of scale, which is indisputable. There is no advantage in scale, there is no advantage on brand power. There is no national capacity allocation, there is no effective support on the scale, it can not cast the country "- known" brand, there exists closely linked.

From a fundamental point of view of solar water heater industry, in nearly 5000 solar companies around, nearly 70 percent of enterprises are SMEs, even so far, only a handful can be called a national brand.

Large number of SMEs rely on the logistics advantages and superiority of real estate brand, firmly occupy the dominant position in the local market. On the scale enterprises, since the role of local consumer psychology combined with considerations of service, the level of competition in the market size enterprises is not dominant, but through this round of production base layout, you can effectively solve this problem .

Can be expected, with the completion of major brands production base layout and gradually put into operation, the original regional brand will gradually be broken.

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