China's solar thermal industry quietly to the world

Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2014
Source: China's solar therma

In recent years, China's annual output of solar thermal utilization ratio remains the world's total annual production of more than 76% ownership in the world accounting for about two-thirds. China solar thermal products have been exported to Europe and other developed countries, including more than 200 countries and regions, residents and businesses in these countries favored to meet their daily lives in the large-scale use of hot water heat demand . In 2011, China has 203 national export solar water heater products. By the end of 2011, China has 168 million square meters of solar water heaters can save more than 2000 tons of coal per year. According to the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", 2015 China solar water heaters will reach 400 million square meters have many.

China is not only the world's largest producer of solar hot water systems and use of the country, and solar thermal technology and equipment are constantly output to some countries and regions, supported by the local solar energy industry. China's solar thermal industry is a national industry with independent intellectual property rights, holds the patent core element vacuum tube, and more system integration technology and equipment manufacturing technology. Some Chinese enterprises through the use of solar thermal in the United States, India, Vietnam, the non-state investment in plant or technical way, the Chinese solar thermal utilization of advanced technology to the world. Some companies were also a large number of countries and regions in the design and construction of solar thermal projects, serving as a model and reference for local solar projects. China mainly rely on solar thermal power market develops, the spontaneous self-long system of social services industry is worth learning foreign reference.

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