Solar inflection point, are you ready?

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This year, due to the effect of weakening home appliances, end-market competition become more intense, raw material Zhangshengyipian, and multiple factors such as monetary tightening, solar water heater retail market difficulties ahead. The construction market in the country to promote government policies, now with a new attitude toward us.

Not long ago, "Interim Measures solar hot water system capital project grants in Beijing," announced that Beijing is promoting the implementation of the six "Golden Sunshine Project," an important supporting measures. Way clear to arrange 200 million yuan in fixed assets investment in special funds for municipal grants for solar water heating project in three years, the new two-limit room, common commercial housing and existing homes to install solar mass will follow collector area per 200 square yuan subsidy standards. In addition, this year's 10 million units of affordable housing construction also requires the installation of solar water heating systems, solar hot water throughout the promotional use of systems engineering policy frequently introduced, compared with the retail market, the construction market good news continued.

It is worth noting that some companies enter the market and some engineering "in a hurry", product support system, engineering design capabilities, team building construction, engineering and inspection service and other aspects have not yet rely on price war and relationship marketing, rush into the engineering market. This may be a project fails, the positive impact the project market applications become hidden.

It is understood that many enterprises in strategic "swing phase." Before all flew most of the energy retail market channels, while the market sharply transfer them by surprise; to enter the construction market, there are many unknown things take time to learn and adapt, which is something very distressed companies.

Therefore, under the current situation, companies should keep dealers in the retail market share, and gradually establish a market system engineering, development, and manufacturing quality products for engineering and systems engineering set up marketing, design, construction, installation, service and other teams, discover the law of demand engineering market to enter the engineering market as their long-term development strategy to be treated. Not instant success, blindly launched to cut their most areas of expertise, such as: hotel projects, hotel projects, school projects, military engineering, hospital engineering, balcony wall project, the high-rise building, and so on, can do in the field of engineering a to the extreme, I believe that is sufficient to hold up the survival and development of enterprises, so as to enhance the company's brand, reputation.

"Opportunities always favor those who are prepared." Today, the market is in the development of the "turning point", companies s

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