Solar water heater industry will maintain rapid development trend

Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2014
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Beginning in 2003, the solar hot water industry accounted for 11.2% of the share entire water heater industry, and will continue to 20% -30% annual growth rates of development. China has become the world's largest solar water heater production and marketing power. According to this growth rate, within 10 years solar water heater industry will dominate the market.

Its energy saving, as no electricity. Global energy shortage is a trend we have to face, and electric water heater is a kind of electrical energy into heat energy, have hot water, the inevitable power. Electric water heaters, storage water needs to spend time, but also there is leakage of security risks; electric hot water heater power is too large, power consumption and more residential quarters are generally not carry this load. Tips for a solar energy company, we may not know, the electrical ignition system is not efficient, electrical waste is fairly obvious; but do not know, in the case of China's energy is mainly dependent on coal, and this waste will bring greenhouse gas emissions, air and a series of serious environmental pollution problems. Energy of a conventional electric water heater consumed during use of fuel is equivalent to burning 100 kg or 125 kg of coal, energy consumption is very alarming. Shandong some solar manufacturers estimated that China more than 300 million households, if every household switched to solar hot water center, a year can save electricity 2700 degrees to 0.5 yuan per kilowatt basis, year to save electricity costs 1350 yuan, both power and money, there is no security worries. If 1/5 of households nationwide switch to solar hot water centers, costs associated with the country's annual savings could reach 800 billion yuan, saving more than 1600 billion kWh, equivalent to six times a project generating capacity of the Three Gorges hydropower station, but also greatly reduces the amount of harmful substances produced from coal combustion.

With the appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices, increased labor costs, lack of industry talent, inflation and other unfavorable factors to the solar industry has brought a certain amount of pressure. Solar water heaters proxy franchisee confidently say: the national "energy saving" the further implementation of the policy, all regions have introduced policies to support the development of the industry, the rural market started driving expanding market space under other favorable factors, China's solar water heater industry will remain fast development trend.

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