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Mibet Energy Announced Officially To Be The Member Of SAAEA

Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2014

Nowadays, Mibet Energy announced officially to be the member of SAAEA (short for SouthernAfrican Alternative Energy Association), one of the most significant & influential energy organization for South Africa and the rest of African continent. Such a move obviously indicates the ambition and focus of the company, broadening its solar business in South Africa and even the whole African Continent. Undoubtedly, Mibet Energy will well serve the regional solar developments with its patented solar mounting products and considerate services.


SAAEA is one of the most important African solar association with enormous amount of influence in the region, promoting understanding of the industry and its potential through tools such as industry events, forums, conferences, newsletters and publications. Its objective is to provide borderless access to the information that can affect today's clean energy industries as much as tomorrow's world.

South Africa, with sound sunshine condition due to its special geographical and climate sectors, has emerged as one of top photovoltaic installers in the world. The estimated accumulative solar PV installations will be around 2.7GW in 2017 according to some market analysts. What’s more, the solar markets of the countries and regions nearby will witness a new development as well, for the regions have not yet installed adequate storage to satifisfy its needs for power. As a result, the emerging market will attract more and more attentions from PV enterprises all around the world.


For Mibet Energy, it has been ready for the challenges and opportunities.





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