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Mibet Energy Removes To New Premises And Re-sail For Brighter Future

Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2014

R&D team led by returnedoverseas scholars and professors in famous universities, and owns plenty of intellectualproperties in solar products, especially in solar mounting systems. MibetEnergy commits itself to provide all the customers with most reliable andeconomical solar PV system solutions. The products of Mibet Energy have got AS/NZS1170, TUV,UL certificate, keep leading place in structural design andperformance, and have been sold to over 100 countries, such as Japan, Russia,South Africa, Southeast Asia.


Mibet Energy provides first-class products and services, which becomes thecore competence. High-quality and optimized structure of solar mounting systemis important for the stable operation of whole solar system, so Mibet Energydeveloped various safe, convenient and advanced mounting systems, e.g. MRac series,for installers, integrators, and EPCs in the world by its high skills andoutstanding team. “We are on the way leading to first class new energycorporations” Mr. Chen Xi, the president of Mibet Energy said:The journalist of Xiamen Daily also attended the removal ceremony andimpressed by Mr. Chen. This 36-year-old president is adorable for his youngemployees, he is not only tall and handsome, but also a big brother who willtake hamburgers and soft drinks when they work overtime. His calm and unyieldingpersonality and perseverance set great example for his employees which aremostly born in 1980s or 1990s. In 2012, when worked in a PV company, with hisfirmly belief on the great of PV industry, he established a new company with 3partner. However the whole PV industry in China then experienced an unexpected “coldwinter” thereafter due to the anti-dumping policies of western countriesagainst Chinese PV products. Under the deteriorating circumstance, instead ofgiving up, Chen analyzed the future potential, decided to keep cultivate thesales channels, and finally his Mibet Energy entered the “warm spring” by the superiorproducts and considerate services. “Reviewing these two years”, Chen said, “ourslogan -- try My BesT, to be the best, reflected my original and continuousexpect on “Mibet” when naming it: do our best towards our target to be adifferent and best company.”



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